About 3D Texture

Hi, I’m a newbie for 3d creator and uMake. I try to create 3d model with texture. like this

It’s fine to create and show in iPad but When I export to play on my computer (.obj), texture is not existing. I just now that uMake not support model with texture for export function.

So, I’m finding the software that can paint the texture such as substance painter but when I open on this program, It is display unlike in uMake like this

on uMake

on substance painter

this is my model here : Machine-v-2-txt really.zip (2.5 MB)

My Questions

  1. Do you have any apps that support texture paint to fit with uMake 3d model ?
    2.If I would like to use substance painter, how do I create 3d model by uMake to support this software ?

Hi @zing1911,

Thank you for writing to us.

I think you presented two things we will soon start working on:

  1. Supporting importing and exporting textures as part of OBJ files - this is a long-time request and we hope we will be able to deliver it sooner than later.

  2. Some of the issues you presented in substance painter are because of the opposite normal direction of the surfaces. We have a solution for this and we hope to bring it in the next 4-6 weeks.

I understand that it’s not an immediate solution, but we’re working hard on all these issues to be resolved in a matter of weeks.

Thank you,

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You could Try the new version of Procreate for the iPad. Procreate now supports paining on a 3D object.

What would be cool for me is to add actual 3D printable texture similar to the Built in textures. I know that might be a lot of work but a way cool feature for me as an end user. To just be able to drag N’ Drop a texture on my part. With out haveing to spend hours creating a texture. Right now I am creating small half shaped domes with the4 Resolve tool and placing these all over my part. But takes a long time. Is there an easier way to create a textured look like the ruff textures that are built in. I love the Gold, Coper, Iron ruff texture and look. I already performed Chamfer edges which does look cool. I just want a stippled look for a banged iron look over the large flat part of my object. Thank You Ps. Maybe I can take the Flat part and do some resolve effect or something similar.

Thanks, @Jmgerard.

Did you refer to a texture (image) or a material? Adding more materials and configure them is something we will be happy to add later this year.

As for custom/imported textures - you can import your own photo and apply it as a texture (using the ‘Uploads’ tab).

Let me know if this makes sense.