About 2 more features.....my only wish list!

Dear Evi & umake team,

I’m a rental house owner and a house design hobbyist,
Before,it has always been a long and inefficient process to collaborate with my architects
whenever i want to design and replan my properties.(Always took about at least 2 months to accomplish the job,waiting time no included.)
I think the main reason is that i need to wait until them have free time to sit in front of thier desk computer,
(due to my small individual service priority << big companies),
then the chief designer passes and assigns the floor plan cadwork to rookies,after that cadwork done,the chief designer
eventually stared to use sketchup to design the property’s facade,and then show me the proposals through PC screens or print it out,
follow up is countless discussion plus modification with architects back and forth via paper or pc monitor.
So the disadvantages are that i can do nothing reponse more instantly & proactively until the architect finally brings up the new results,

Luckily,2 months ago,i’ve finally found ‘umake’,
though it’s not a real cad software nor architecturally precise,but it really greatly helps me
quickly sketch out my own building’s structure and facade through its surface modeling tools.
And it also gives me the capability to show what i think or what i want in 3D
as well as directly modifying it with my architects via ipad & apple pencil.
i think the collaboration efficiency should greatly improved,i guess ;D

So~there’s only 2 specific features remains i want to ask for now,
one is that i wish umake team can offer ‘dwg file import’ feature (just like 'sketchup’to easily extrude it out through dwg files without drawing agian!)
another one is that i hope dear you guys can bring back the ‘sketch on surface’ feature for us real soon,
that’s what i need for job and dream about!
Hmm…that’s all!(Wonder if ‘umake’ surely be able to support next gen ipad pro & ios 12 lol!?)

Thanks for u all hard working!!

Thank you umake team,

Hi Kenny, @jikosa2002

Thank you for this insightful feedback! Very helpful!

The team is very happy to know that your workflow improved using uMake!

As for your feature requests:

  1. DWG import - we don’t plan to support DWG anytime soon, BUT we do have a solution for this coming soon! I think you would like it!

  2. Sketch on Surfaces exists in uMake (limited to flat surfaces only for now). You simply draw on the surface itself. Here are two videos to help you understand how it works: uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac (around 0:40 shows how it works) and uMake: 3D Design & CAD Modeling for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Now, I have questions for you :slight_smile:

  1. What would make uMake more accurate or CAD worthy for you?

  2. What other communication obstacles you think uMake can overcome in your team?

Thank you for using uMake and for your feedback!


P.S. uMake works on iOS 12. As for the next iPad - will have to wait and see, we’re sure it will be an amazing one! :wink:

Dear Evi & umake team,

Thanks for ur quick reply,
It’s my pleasure to use ‘umake’ software,
And so happy to hear your answer really soon!

thx for all the great & useful app features dear you guys already gave us so far,
which are really handy for me!:smiley:
though now i realize that there won’t be able to have 'DWG import’to be supported anytime soon,
But i’m still very happy & excited to know that another solution for this will be coming soon,
I’m truely looking forward to using it sometime near today!

And secondly,
As talking about ‘Sketch on Surfaces’,i know this feature exists in uMake,
which i remember i could draw any curves just right on any non-flat surfaces at will 2 months ago,
But for now,it just only supported flat surfaces,this will be a little inconvenient to me! >O<
Bcuz if i could draw directly on any surfaces anytime,
i can possibly create more fun & interesting ideas with architects anywhere,
therefore we can easily create more ‘organic’ shape facades unlike the traditional 'box’shape houses
which i think it’s a very important value added feature to ‘uMake’ App!:smiley:

So~As Evi’s questions for me:D

Q1:What would make uMake more accurate or CAD worthy for you?
Ans:To me~‘uMake’ App is already good enough for me!
But it could be way more perfect to support few more import of basic cad files,
such as for architecture or engineering aspects,in my little opinion.
Especially for architecture formats,it would be great to have .DWG(at least)or.RVT(even better)supported,
So i can directly use my 2D drawings or 3D models already created in CAD softwares to process while switch between
those and uMake seamlessly & effortlessly! (That’s my CAD worthy thinking)

When it comes to architecturally accurate,i just mean do we have the chance
to precisely align or position any curves/planes/surfaces/objects to each other orthogonally along with two specific points and a specified distance
by smart snap ways(i.e auto drag & snap via auto-dashed-lined-hinted when 2 objects both orthogonally linedup ) in any view & different layers.
(Such as…two different floor planes’ column to column alignment at a specified level height…etc.)

It would be awesome doing any alignment jobs quick&easy by such smart snap modes without any displacement or guesswork
just like any architecture BIM CAD (i.e. AutoCAD/Revit) will do!;D

One more thing…BTW,last time using Umake,i remember i can only scale my model a limited length in dimension up to few meters(Unit:cm),
can’t support more bigger scale in dimension to fit the real world’s need(ex.double digit meters for land’s length/width),if no wrong.

Lastly:What other communication obstacles you think uMake can overcome in your team?
Ans:Tech Communication Problems—>Not at all!
There’s only me and my architects ‘Human Communication Problem’ left!!XD
As an ipad pro’s App,i have nothing to ask for(in quick 3D sketch drafting)…I think uMake already do a great job!
For Now…just only waiting for next gen ipad pro equipped with depth camera revealed to try out whether if
it can better locate and measure my design works at real site with uMake’s AR feature help.
It would be greedy&crazy for me to ask for multiple Apple pencils working together at the same time or remote collaboration…sort of things,
I know…It’s Apple’s job,not dear u guys’!
OK…if i supposed to have any ideas or issues in the future,i will let U know at once!

As always,
Thanks for u all hard working!!

Thank you umake team,

Kenny, @jikosa2002,

Thanks again for the helpful and informative feedback!

In regards to Align tools - that’s a great suggestion, and I’ll add these to our backlog. We also plan to improve our support for drawing’s units dimensions/world’s scale.

As for the AR 2.0 - we haven’t update uMake to support ARKit 2.0, but we will do in the near future.

Thank you again for all these great suggestions!