a slightly improved german translation

Hi everbody

Here is a slightly improved german translation for Umakes Side Panel.

I am from germany and in Umakes Editor Settings " auto surfacing "
is very strange translated with " Automatisch-Erscheinen " nobody
in German would translate it like this.

" Auto surfacing " in german actually means " Automatisch Fläche erzeugen "
( Automatic surface creating )
but to have a shorter translation you could also take
" Fläche erzeugen " = ( surface creating )
" Automatisch Füllen " = ( automatic filling )

" Left-Hand Interface " is translated in " Linksseitige Schnittstelle "
a more better translation would be " Linksseitige Menüleiste "

I would also suggest the possibility to switch between english
and german in Umake because tutorials are easier to follow
as most of them are in english anyway.

I think sometimes it is better to leave a term in english than
to translate it into German in a way that no one here understands.
English is the most widely used second language in germany.
Many Germans learn English from an early age in school. Except me
i learned it self-taught and use the Deepl translator :wink:

Thats all. Have i nice day

Hi @3dddpainter,

Thanks so much for this thoughtful feedback!

I’m going to adjust all this wording, so it will be part of our next update.

If you see any other translations mistakes, please feel free to let us know and we will fix it right away. Any other suggestions or feedback are welcomed as well :slight_smile:


By the way, you can switch from German to English, by going to the “Account” tab and tap on “Language”. This will take you to the iOS Settings app, where you can change the language of uMake.

As for videos - most of our help videos have German caption translation. To switch to German translation, tap on the “text bubble” icon, and then choose “German”. Here’s how:

Thanks again!

Hi Evi

Thanks for your Tip how to switch between englisch
and german translation in umake on ipad.

I know that most of your Videos have a german translation
and know how to use it and youtube videos in general.
It aint no Problem for me to see/hear them in english anyway.

It is only that for me sometimes tutorials are easier to follow
if the app/programm is also in english.

So, thanks again for your Tip.
Have a nice day.

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Happy to help and thanks once again for your suggestions! :slight_smile:


Hello Evi

I have to ask where exactly i can change
the language for the Umake App.

A Screenshot where i cant find it on the iPad
would be nice and helpful. I have IOS 13.2.3
And please remember it is in german language. :wink:

In the Ipad settings i did not find anything
( under Settings/Umake are no language settings )
and under Account only subscription things

Thanks in advance


No worries, here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Account” tab in uMake
  2. Tap on “Language”
  3. This will switch to the iPadOS ‘Settings’ app
  4. Tap on “Language” and chose “German”
  5. Re-open uMake

Here’s a quick video:

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Evi

Account in Umake. This was the point
that i was missed. But unfortunately there
is no button language on my ipad like in the video.
As you can see in my Screenshot. ( I have hidden
other apps for privacy reasons )

Only this five buttons are there
Siri & Search
Background App Refresh

But its not such a big problem for me.
I can live with it. I just wanted to know.

Maybe there is a different IOS Version
in the video. My IOS is 13.2.3.

Thanks for help.

Thanks for letting me know! It’s actually weird, as a iOS 13 user you should have that option.

You can try the following:

  1. Upgrading your iPad OS to 13.4 and see if it fixes the issue (this is also my recommendation - so you’ll stay up to date with the latest security and updates from Apple).

  2. Change the whole iOS language to German (Settings app >> General >> Language & Region) - this should definitely switch uMake to German, but the rest of your iPad as well.

Let me know if this works.


Hi Evi

I will Upgrading my IOS, but not by now.
I know that i can make backups but dont
like to have any hassels in the moment
with this kind of things.

My IOS language is already in German and
so is Umake, I also know how to set up languages
in IOS. I have no problem with this kind of things.
I just missed the part in your previous help that
the “Account” tab is in umake.

And as i said to switch the language from time to time
for tutorials per app would be nice but not so really

Thanks for help

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