A few desirable features requested

First thank you to UMake for a wonderful design tool. I look forward to its evolution. Having a way to design on the iPad on the go and with the Apple Pencil, has been very helpful.

I create mechanical designs that end up in Apple’s SceneKit as interactive animated models. So here is my list:

  1. Ability to group surfaces together as a single unit and be able to add or change materials, color, transparency, lock/unlock, position and scale to this unit a whole.

  2. Ability to inspect groups see list of surfaces in group and hide or unhide individual surfaces within group.

  3. Ability for layers to contain multiple groups and surfaces.

  4. Ability for layers and groups to list or show their members objects.

This would allow me to create ‘parts’ that are a number of groups of shapes/surfaces and single shapes/surfaces. Then layers would be ‘assemblies’ that are groups of parts that work together.

  1. Ability to export as Collada (.dae) for further work in Blender or directly into SceneKit for animation and real-time rendering.

  2. Add cylinder to the primitive shapes library. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new to UMake and I like what I see so far. Cheers.

Thank you @rventure for the feedback!

I hope you found the answers I sent your earlier this week over the email helpful. We also fixed the “Ungrouping” issue you had and it will be included in our next update (now when you ungroup, all the parts will be selected until you deselect them).

All these suggestions are great.