3d sketch free hand

i’m mech enginner. Discussing with customer i often need to sketch a part of plant. Free hand sketch i mean, no technical drawings.
It should be great to have only this part of umake, an endless paper 3d. i see the video “Think in 3D” in the feature page.
Obviously with a lower price! :smiley:

Hi @noway,

Thank you for the feedback! Hope all is well.

Currently, uMake supports freestyle 3D sketching using the Freestyle tool. Here’s quick video about it:

Let me know if this helps!

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Yes I know it’s possible, it should be great to have only this feature in a lite edition with a smaller price.

@noway thanks for the feedback!

Do you solely use the Freestyle sketch or other features as well? What about the “Markup” tool in the Slides feature?


markup is really nice, and the whole software too, my suggestion was to obtain a 3d sketch app with a reasonable price. when you use a partial software then you probably need more, so if other features are important…u buy the complete app!

Thank you for the feedback! We’re always evaluating the business model behind uMake, and that’s the reason I keep asking questions :slight_smile:

We will take it into consideration - our goal is to make uMake accessible while keeping it sustainable so we can continue supporting our customers.

Thanks again,